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  • Product Name : Indus Gold marble sink
    Size : 01
    Country of Origin : onyx
    Contact : inam ul haq (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Indus Gold

    Optimum marble Division under the umbrella of optimum Group's Company - Optimum Onyx Marble has developed the professional mastery in manufacturing wide range of Sink and Basin for our valued customers across the globe. We understand the importance of the product in the Bath room and the importance of bath room in the home.

    We have been manufacturing following designs of sink and basin for valued customer around the world.

    • Bowl Sink and Basin
    • Vessel Sink and Basin
    • Drop-in sink
    • Wall-mounted Sink
    • Pedestal Sink
    • Bathroom Sink
    • Farmhouse Sink
    • Kitchen Sink

     Our Sink and Basin series is available in following categories of Marble,

     Black & Gold/Michelangelo , Afghan White , Indus Green , Teakwood/Burma teak ,Champaign/Sahara Gold , Sahara Beige , Indus Gold , Patoro , Verona Beige , Botticina Cream , Botticina Fancy , Botticina Flower, Marina Pink , Red Zebra , Black Zebra , Silky Black , Travera , Ziarat white/Carrara White, Sunny Grey , King Gold ,Chocolate.